True BusinessID Wildcard

The True BusinessID Wildcard certificate is an easy and affordable solution for organization looking to secure multiple websites through one server certificate. It is ideal for web hosting organizations and corporations wishing to serve multiple sites off their same base domain name.

For example, you could secure:

with one Wildcard certificate if all the websites are hosted on the same server. And, as your online demands grow, you can continue to add unlimited subdomains to the same server at no additional cost. True BusinessID Wildcard certificates save you the expense of acquiring and managing multiple server certificates.

They offer comprehensive Internet security coverage by combining state-of-the-art 128-bit SSL encryption and identity verification in a single bundle. You benefit from unsurpassed browser and server recognition, as well as airtight access protection and fraud prevention. Your customers are ensured of your authenticity.

True BusinessID Wildcard brings the patented Smart Seal technology to your web pages.  Your customers can immediately identify your site as genuine, authentic, and validated by an independent third party. When your customer clicks on the True Site Smart Seal, the server automatically checks the domain name and relevant information about your company is presented assuring your legitimacy. This promotes greater customer confidence resulting in more e-commerce activity and a significant increase in online revenue.

Our True BusinessID certificates easy to install and renew.


True Site Sample Site Seal

This GIF is a sample snapshot of the True Site site seal. Your companys name appears in the seal along with a live date / time stamp. The actual site will disable right click and save features.


        Secure multiple sites on one physical machine

        True BusinessID Wildcard authenticates the business / organization

        Identity verification Smart Seal - embedded with YOUR company name/date/time in the stamp

        FREE lifetime, self-service reissues

        Convenient online purchase and installation

        Compatible with 99% of all browsers

        Full 128-bit encryption technology


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